Christmas Lighting Mn

Christmas Lighting Mn

The history of Christmas lighting in MN is quite fascinating. In truth, the history of holiday lights is almost exactly as long as the story of electric light bulbs themselves.

A concise history of Christmas lighting

In MN as anywhere, holiday lights are proudly displayed on houses, along streets, and on public buildings. You might be surprised to learn that Christmas lights as we know and love them today are the creation of Thomas Alva Edison, who also happens to be the inventor of the first practical incandescent light bulb. According to the Library of Congress, the year was 1880 when Edison put together the very first strand of electric lights. Since it was the holiday season, Edison hung the strand of lights around the exterior of his Menlo Park laboratory complex where the festive lights were visible by passengers on a train that ran past the lab.

The first in-home Christmas tree lights were strung by Edison’s friend and business partner, Edward Johnson, in 1882. The prototypical Christmas lights strand comprised 80 red, blue and white bulbs that hung on Johnson’s generator-powered revolving holiday tree. A very nice start, but those original 19th century light shows were nothing to compare to the remarkable Christmas lighting in MN this holiday season.

The first time Christmas lights decorated the White House holiday tree, the year was 1895, and President Grover Cleveland was in office. In 1890, most families embraced the option of giving up dangerous candle tree decor and started to make the switch to safer electrical Christmas lighting in MN and all around America. By the turn of the 20th century, holiday light displays were popular at department stores and on government buildings. Once electric bulbs became affordable for the average family, outdoor Christmas lights came into vogue.

Roof to Deck Decoration services

When you hire us as your provider of Christmas lights in MN, we manage every little detail. First, we will consult with you to determine the sort of holiday display you desire. Then, we’ll devise a captivating Christmas lights display just for you. After that, we’ll send a team of design professionals to install your residential holiday lights and greenery, if you request. When the holidays are done, we’ll come back to take down your Christmas decorations. We can store your holiday lights display at our warehouse until next season.

Sure, you might be able to climb a ladder and install your strands of Christmas lights, but why go to that trouble when it’s so easy to hire Roof to Deck Decoration? If we install them, we’ll manage your lights all season. If a bulb goes out, no problem. Give us a jingle, and we’ll send someone to change the bulb right away.

Roof to Deck installs LED Christmas lighting in MN. Since LED costs a lot less to run than traditional incandescent lights, you’re bound to save money on your wintertime electric bill. When you’re ready to know more about our holiday lighting services, call Roof to Deck Decoration to 651-699-3504

Christmas Lighting Mn

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Christmas Lighting Mn

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