Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity. If you live where there are heavy particulates in the air, they can become covered with pollen, dirt, dust, and other debris, reducing the solar panel efficiency. It’s a good idea to get your panels cleaned frequently to keep your solar panels working at maximum efficiency. 

Next Level Energy provides solar panel cleaning services for homes and businesses to ensure your solar system remains intact and generates solar electricity for years to come. Here’s how the process works.

Why Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Solar performance degrades without adequate cleaning. Your solar panel requires periodic if you live in areas with high airborne particulates such as dust, exhaust, organic debris, coastal salts, and industrial processes to maintain optimal energy production. Getting your solar panels cleaned can help return your system to maximum efficiency. 

How To Clean Solar Panels

The safest way to clean your panels is to use a sponge and water. Remember that roof-mounted solar panel systems can be challenging to reach for the average homeowners to clean themselves. That’s why we suggest hiring us to get the job done and save you from the trouble. But, if you’re ready to take on the job yourself, here’s a quick overview:

  • First, check with your solar panel manufacturer. They might have recommendations for cleaning.
  • Solar panels can very be hot in the afternoon. You can either clean in the morning or pick a cool day. A cool evening is also an excellent time to clean your panels.
  • Try to use a garden hose for the job. However, if a lot of debris, dust, and dirt have accumulated on the surface of your solar panels, then you need to give a more thorough clean.
  • Fill the spray bottle or bucket with warm water and soap. 
  • Clean the panel surface with a cloth or sponge.
  • While it is ok for some water to reach the back of your solar panels, you should not direct water onto the back of your panels.

How Often Should I Clean My Panels?

Solar panels should be at least once per year because rainfall will likely remove all dirt and debris buildup from your panels. However, you might need to clean more often if your panels are mounted flat or if you live near a pollution source or in a dry climate where the accumulation of dirt is far greater. Frequently cleaning your solar panels will not affect the system if done correctly.

Is Solar Panel Cleaning Worth It?

Yes. Cleaning your panels can help return the system to maximize efficiency. You could see a boost in your solar system’s performance and significant savings on your electric bills. 

Contact Next Level Energy For Solar Panel Cleaning 

Cleaning your solar panel doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. We provide solar panel cleaning services that can help your system deliver maximum efficiency year-round. Contact us today at 530-316-1421 to discuss your solar panel cleaning needs and receive a free quote.

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