Solar Power Redding

Solar Power Redding

Solar Power Redding

Solar power in Redding is a green source of energy. This makes it the perfect option for reducing your carbon footprint. Solar doesn’t release greenhouse gasses and is 100 percent environmentally friendly. What’s more, solar energy is self-sufficient, and installing it helps you contribute to a sustainable future. If you’ve decided to get a clean energy upgrade, we’re your go-to installers.

At Next Level Energy, we install California solar panels that cater to our clients’ electrical needs. With us, you can be sure that we’ll only recommend the most reliable systems that will give you great value for your money.

Why Make the Switch to Solar Power?

Here are some of the reasons to go solar, including:

Enjoy Super Affordable Electricity

Electricity expenses can make up a huge portion of your monthly bills. A solar system harnesses power from the sun that’s absolutely free. Even if you don’t generate all the energy you consume, using solar power will still reduce your utility bills considerably and for decades to come.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Depending on your energy usage, solar power can bring down your costs to zero. And when your solar system produces more power than you need, your meter will run backward. This means that you’ll be supplying power to the grid. As a result, you’ll get a credit on your electricity bill. When that happens, you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars in only a couple of years. Additionally, if you choose to sell your house at some point, it’s worth noting that homes with solar panels get sold quicker.

Why Choose Us to Help You Make the Change to Solar Power?

As one of the best solar companies, the expertise we bring to the table is unmatched, guaranteeing that we do the job right the first time. We’re also always updated on the latest in the solar industry to ensure our performance remains at the top. What’s more, our team undergoes rigorous training to make sure we’re proficient in carrying out solar services.

As part of our premier solar installation services, we’ll help you choose the highest efficiency solar panels while putting your kWh consumption into consideration. Best of all, we’re a full-service solar company. Rest assured with us; you won’t have to deal with any third parties. This means that we’re experts at design, installation, cleaning, repair, and maintenance. We’ll also help you take advantage of all the incentives that make owning solar the best decision ever, from federal tax credits to utility rebates and more.

Want to Own Your Energy? Go Solar

At Next Level Energy, we help homeowners switch to solar power in Redding— the most efficient and sustainable energy source. During installation, we utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure you reap the maximum benefits. And if you’re worried about the cost of a solar system, we offer attractive financing options that make it easy for you to change to solar energy. Call or contact us online to discuss your solar interests and receive a free online solar quote:

Solar Power Redding

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Solar Power Redding

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