Solar Redding

Solar Redding

Solar Redding

Solar Redding

The world is now turning to renewable energy, and one of its most accessible sources is solar energy. But it is not enough to want a clean energy upgrade, and you need to know as much as possible about the pros and cons to make informed decisions.

Let’s take a look at the pros first.

Pros of Going Solar

Here are some reasons why you should opt for solar energy.

You Get to Reduce Your Electric Bills

When you install a solar system, you generate your electricity, which means less dependence on the electricity grid, reduced electric utility, and ultimately minimized electric bills. The best part is that a well-maintained solar system can last as long as 30 years! When you factor in all those years of reduced electric bills, you save a lot over time. 

It Improves the Value of Your Home

Having a solar panel on your rooftop has a way of improving the value of that home by increasing its market value. So you can always recoup your investments in a solar system should you choose to sell the house at any point in time. 

You Have an Energy Option to Explore

Energy consumption has always had its downsides because it is difficult to control. Plus, the tariffs are always on the increase.

Going solar gives you a viable energy option, especially as the costs of installing solar systems decrease.

You Can Make Some Money off It

There are several solar incentives to be explored, and if you make the right choices, you might make some money in the process. For example, with net metering and Solar Renewable Energy Credits(SRECs), you get to earn bill credits and possible compensation for your solar system’s electricity.

Cons of Going Solar

Here are some downsides of going solar

You Can’t Install On Every Roof

Not all rooftops are built for solar panel installations. Although there are options to access solar energy, the rooftop panel happens to be one of the most accessible and most affordable options.

High Up-front Costs

Installing a solar panel system can be on the high side, especially when you don’t qualify for any financing option that helps reduce the financial implications.

Few Quality Solar Installation Services

There aren’t too many solar companies that are good at providing the right services. There is a growing demand for these services, and all of the best solar companies are often inundated with work, which makes it difficult to get quality services.

If you are in the California region and would like to explore solar panels’ potential, you might want to contact us to get an online solar quote. We also offer some of the best California panels in the region.

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Going solar not only makes you more energy independent but also helps protect the environment. So, if you’ve been thinking about making that decision but aren’t quite sure about how to start, Next Level Energy is here to give you all the guidance you need. We take pride in being one of California’s leading solar energy providers, and we’re always on hand to attend to your queries. Call us at 530.361.1421 or visit our website to discuss your solar interests and receive a free quote.



Solar Redding

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