Next Level Energy: Best Solar Company in Redding, California

Next Level Energy - Solar Company Redding California


Save THOUSANDS on Your Electric Bill and Switch to Solar

Solar System Installation in Redding CA by Next Level Energy

About Us

California Solar Energy Provider

Next Level Energy helps homeowners in California make valuable solar upgrades to their homes and become more energy independent. We serve all areas California. Our solar company is located in Redding, California.

Next Level Energy was formed in 2018 by Ryan Belong. After working several years for large scale solar companies like Tesla, Solar City and SunWorks, Ryan realized homeowners would have more choice if he became an independent agent working for the homeowner


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Services We Offer

Energy Savings for Home and Business Owners

  • Rooftop Solar
  • Groundmount Solar
  • Solar Batteries
  • EV Charger and Inverters
  • Natural Lighting - Sun Tunnel Installation

Produce Power With Us

Did you realize, most home owners are already LEASING their power (from the local utility company)? Why not
partner with us to create cleaner energy at a lower cost?


Own Your Power

Energy-Independence, or Inter-dependence is a goal of many home owners. You own your home, so why not
your power?


Power is Freedom

Taking ownership of your future energy requirements can be very empowering. It’s almost like owning your own miniature power plant.

Choose Us

Why Us? Why Now?

We started Next Level Energy in partnership with other experienced industry insiders who are DETERMINED we can do solar


We believe that when people aren't pressured to buy (or sell), a more positive outcome that's in the interest of the homeowner, AND the interests of the solar team will win out.

Service Areas include: Redding, Red Bluff, Palo Cedro, Anderson, Cottonwood, Chico, and Corning, California.

Energy Advisor

What is a Next Level Energy Advisor?

We are advocates for YOU the home and business owner.

Our objective is to:

  • Grow your energy freedom
  • At the lowest cost / highest (ROI) value possible
  • Without any hassles or headaches

Our Client's Feedback

When it came time for us to sell our home, having the solar panels added value and made our home sell even quicker. PlusI was able to easily assign ownership of the system to the new homeowner with everything in the original warranty transferring. We will definitely be adding solar panels on our new home, and Next Level Energy will be my first call. I recommend that anyone considering a lower energy bill and long-term strategy for self-reliance, not hesitate and make the call to Next Level Energy as soon as possible!

Tyler - Chico, CA


Best Quality Best Business

These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish. In a free hour, when our power of choice when nothing prevents our being able to we like best creative business.

California Solar System

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