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How to Choose The Right Solar Panel

Poly vs. Mono

When selecting solar panels (or modules) for your PV system, one should choose carefully since it’s a major determinant of success in solar power generation. There are two major types of solar panels. These are: Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline. Polycrystalline panels are sold at lower prices, are sensitive to high temperature, and have a shorter lifespan. Many Polycrystalline panels also tend to be less space efficient. Monocrystalline panels are more expensive to buy but they are highly efficient, suitable for commercial use and have a longer lifespan than their polycrystalline counterpart.

solar panel types

Selection Criteria

One of the primary features of solar panels you should think about is the panel (and system’s) efficiency. Read more on that subject here (link). Other factors in your decision should be total cost and financing options, warranty features, and technology aspects.

This brings us to the discussion about solar panels manufactures. The current top three solar panel manufacturer and companies are JinkoSolar, Trina Solar and Canadian Solar. However, there have been changes in the last few years which have seen the introduction of some new up and comers into the solar manufacturing industries. It’s not a bad bet to go with one of the big three because if you ever need to replace a panel or add to your system down the road, there’s a better chance of finding a match.

Many Great Options

Because of the increase in demand for solar power, many more companies can now compete for market share and so the choice can be overwhelming. The question is, is it a must that the solar company you buy your solar panels from be one of the top manufacturing companies? Or is quality, regardless of manufacturer more important?

It’s important you know that the quantity of sales made is the major determining factor for ranking solar manufacturing companies and not necessarily the quality and cost-benefit the customers derive. Therefore, if you are choosing to go for one of the top manufacturing companies, be sure you are not just purchasing from them because they are a top company but also because they offer you quality and good value in exchange for money.

Long-Term Consideration

Your solar panels are supposed to be effective and last you a lifetime of at least two-three decades of use. Ask your solar contractor about the warranties offered and testing and manufacturing standards and histories of the product(s) you’re considering.

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