Reasons Why Time-Of-Use Pricing Method Will Increase Your Electricity Dues

Decades ago, electricity bills were easier to interpret. This was done by obtaining the magnitude of current used, multiplied by the prevailing cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh), in addition to other non-specific charges stress-free. Recently, power companies like PG&E have made moves on changing the method of payment for electricity.  The costs of electricity production are […]

The Selling Price of Sacramento Homes with Solar Panels Increases by 3% to 7%

An analysis done by an online real estate website named Zillow showed the amount that homes with solar systems sold for as against those without solar systems. In the United States alone, it was found out that homes that had solar power had about 4.1% more sales than homes that didn’t. This summed up to over 9,250 of most homes.    In the result of the […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of DIY Solar in 2019

Solar has become a vogue thing in 2019 and a lot of daring homeowners are starting to think about “do it yourself solar installation”- the idea of building a PV system by yourself. Obviously, there is a lot involved in a solar installation and there is a correct and incorrect model of do-it-yourself solar projects.  Here are a few DIY Solar installations […]

Solar Home Power System: Tapping the Power of the Sun

When you are purchasing for efficient solar panel make sure to purchase from a top company that offer you quality in exchange for money and can last longer.

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